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New River Gorge April 24

April 27, 2009

Jules, Russ, Dave and I left Philadelphia a 6:30PM on Thursday and drove the 7-8 hours down to Roger’s Rocky Top Retreat.  We grabbed breakfast at Cathedral Friday morning, picked up a stray climber (Wendy Williams) at Waterstone. Next stop was Sandstonia @ Bubba City.  The Weather was hot, there was plenty of sun and bugs.

We walked over to Giesha Girl and Mrs. Field’s Follies where someone drew with chak “8’s.” Indeed, they are 5.8’s.  I roped up for MFF and was told by someother climbers “Watch out for the Bee’s! Don’t you see our warning?” Oh, “B’s” not “8’s” Eh, I moved over and did Giesha Girl instead. Great fun… and there were no BEE’s… Just a lot of Hornets. Fortunately I didn’t get stung.  We then moved over and did Badass Tattoo (5.10b) and then after a botched onsight of G-String (5.11a) I sent it clean.  Jules helped a climber who was bitten by a Coppehead.  We then headed over to Zeitgeist (5.10a) which I went up at least 2.5 (Lead, set up Lord of the Jungle (5.12a), and cleaned).  We Russ, Dave and I TR’d Lord of The Jungle with 2 cams for directionals. Had we brought more gear and taped my hands it would have become a project to work. Very steep crack.  Jules suffered a bug bite, but pushed on through and worked Zeitgeist anyway.  We then headed back around to play on ButterFly Flake (5.7), Pure Power (5.13a) and Mike Tyson’s Face (5.12a) on TR.  We wrapped up the day with  Rio Grande Mexican,  a few beers and a camp fire.


  • Copperheads bite, but they are rarely deadly. Hospitalization is mandatory
  • Hornets sting, bring some benadryl
  • Welcome to the Jungle takes mid size cams .5-1 very well.
  • Pure Power requires me to get much stronger.
  • Mike Tyson’s face has a hard crimp

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