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New River Gorge April 26

April 27, 2009

Sunday started out at Tudor’s Biscut World. Despite everyone’s bitching they enjoyed the biscuts and were able to blame the fatty rolls for poor climbing performance.  We drove up to Summerville Lake.  Trivia: Summersville Dam would have been named Gad Damn, but the Army Core of Engineers broke with naming convention.  They named their new Damn after the town of Summersville, not Gad, where the Dam actually is.  This is definitely the highest I’ve ever seen the water.

We hiked in, checked out the collusium and got right to work on the DC Memorial Boulder, All The Way Baby (5.12b). While it was fairly easy to get to the top of this one I doubt I’ll be strong enough to do the finishing side-ways dyno anytime soon. A stick clip to the first bolt totally helps, as does resting at each of the 3 bolts :D.  We hiked along the cliff line to Orange Oswald wall where Jules put up Chunko Goes Bowling (5.9). It was damn hot and I decided to skip it and work on my sunburn a bit more.  I headed over to The Long Wall and did Personal Pronoun (5.9). We finished up there and hit the road, hot, sweaty and tired.  We made great time and I was back home before 11:30.


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