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Rumney- May 23

May 26, 2009

Friday. May 22 I picked up Lisa and Russ and headed up to Beacon to pick up Don. We dropped Blue off at my sister’s and cruised up to D Acres. We got in pretty late, but still before our target 1AM.  We found some space in the sleepy Yoga room and went to bed.

Saturday morning we got up, had the D Acres’  breakfast, picked up a parking pass at the General Store and headed over to the Parking Lot wall.  

We warmed up on a 5.8, 5.10a on the Meadow wall.  I sent both them without a problem, despite the drizzle.  

We headed over to the crowded Main wall and I onsighted Millennium Falcon (510c) and Gunboat Diplomacy  (5.11b/c). Dr. Dan met up with us. Both of these climbs were a lot of fun.  

The next stop was just around the corner, I cruised up 2 more 5.10s.  

We headed over to the Luck Dog in Plymoth for dinner.


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