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Rumney May 24

May 27, 2009

Sunday, Russ, Lisa and I headed over to the Plain Jane Diner for breakfast. We ignored the light drizzle and warmed up on the 5.8 Crag. I got on Snake Skin Slab (5.8) for a quick warmup, then jumped directly on Bolt and Run (5.9) , where Don had already hung the draws. I then belayed Don up Romancing the Stone (5.10c).  I ran up RtS and Russ did as well, cleaning on the way down. The rain picked up and we decided to go tour the crags and watch the hard men work routes at Waimea.  Russ and I played on Bottom Feeder (5.13a) which was pretty strenuous but perhaps reasonable. 

The rain cleared up and we hiked on, stopping by Orange Crush and New Wave walls.  We failed to find the Monster wall. (R.E.M.?).  Lisa and I headed up a scenic climb called Air and Pleasant Danger (5.8).  Russ took some photos and I’ll post them soon.  We then headed over to the Kennel wall.  

At the Kennel Wall we ticked off Dog Biscuit (5.10c) , Sparking Poodles (5.10a), and Puppy Love (5.9).  

We headed back to the Luck Dog for some dinner and beer.  We threw in some weird movie in the Sun Room back at D Acres and crashed out.


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