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New July 4th weekend

July 7, 2009
Hanging Draws on Fly Girls

Hanging Draws on Fly Girls

We planned to head to Rumney for the weekend but at the very last minute changed our  minds and headed south to avoid a weather system.  I drove down with Russ, Dave, and Lisa thursday evening and made it to Roger’s around midnight. We met up with Julia, Colleen, Carl, and Virginie on Saturday. Most of the crew headed down to Summersville but Russ, Dave and I decided to check out Fern Buttress. It had been a long time since I was in that area, I forgot how great it was.

There were few parties at Fern and we had the place pretty much to ourselves.  It was a refreshing changed from the wet rock and crowds at the gunks. We warmed up on October Surprise 5.10d and Mega-Jug 5.11b.  Feeling good we headed over to Fly Girls (5.12a) and we all sent it. My first 5.12 sent after 2 tries. Dave flashed the climb, good job.  We ticked New Tricks for the Old Dog 5.10c and played on Morning Dew 5.12 a/b on TR. Russ and Dave gave Wild Seed a go and I cleaned it. I was pretty flamed having gotten on several of the routes multiple times.  We headed to Dirty Ernies and gorged oursevles on peanuts and BBQ.  We met up with Carl and the ladies at Pies and Pints and crashed early after a great Friday.

July 4th

We headed to Endless, decending the honey moon ladders.  There were only 3 sends that day: Double Flat (5.9), Legacy (5.11a) and Aesthetica (5.11c).  I sent each one first go, but was suffiiciently tired by the time it started raining.  We finally found dinner at Sedona (5.awesome) sat at the bar during the rain and finally retreated to our tents.

Unfortunately it rained through the night and we decided to just take off.  In the future it would be worth taking a crash pad in case we decide to stop at Cooper’s rock.

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  1. Michael S. permalink

    This sounds a lot like a weekend you I had at the New a long time ago. Morning Dew and Fly Girls were the last 12s I sent before the long slow decline. I’m really glad I got Aesthetica and Legacy (which may be the hardest send for me, too much endurance for my wussy ass). These days I’m lucky to on-sight 10b, VERY LUCKY. Glad to see you still rockin it, so to speak. Reading this made me really miss the New.

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