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Gunks-October 10

October 15, 2009

Russ and I drove up to my sister’s on Friday the 9th to dog sit and drink some beer. It rained most of the night so we were able to enjoy a late start. We met up with Don and Brian Saturday morning at the Deli. I ran over to the visitor’s center to pick up a temporary pass for myself. I left mine in a pair of pants in philly.  The Traps were crowded despite the rain. A long weekend and the Reel Rock festival brought lots of people.

We headed down to the Seasons and i got on the Spring. My guidebook notes that I was last on it in October 2003, about 6 years ago.  The climbing wasn’t that bad but I got a pump on none-the-less. We then Top Roped the Summer.  We walked around trying to find an open climb but I wasn’t feeling like waiting in line, besides it would be a short day.  Russ and I made our way up to the moon dance/ sundance ledge passing a hidden copper head. yay.  We waited for Brian to finish up Simple Stuff. I took a couple rides on Tech-stuff right under the SS anchors.  We headed out and I dropped Russ off in New Paltz for dinner and I booked it back to Laura’s to let the dogs out and feed them.  I then rushed back to New Paltz and caught up with everyone at the Reel Rock film fest. The movies were good and it was nice to run into everyone. Dave, Mehgan, Julia, Steve, Jordan, Hep.


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