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MEXICO/New Years

January 11, 2010

Saturday December 26

Russ and I were fortunate enough to get a lift to PHI a 3AM.  Following a 48 hour Christmas blitz I was delirious and rambling in coherently before boarding our 5:50AM flight to Detroit.  I vaguely remember finding my seat and waking up when we touched down.  I think we ate toasted sandwiches before boarding.  We had some business to take care of in Detroit: Get Pesos.  After a short layover we boarded our flight to Monterrey  Mexico.  I caught a bit more sleep on the plane. We arrived around 2:00 PM, EST.  Don was waiting with our driver.  We picked up Tom as well. Tom was waiting for his unknown climbing partner from the internet to arrive but due to complications decided to head out with us.

The 4 of us piled into a van and observed an hour long stretch of Mexico from Monterrey to Hidalgo.  We asked the driver to stop for food, which he was able to do once we arrived in hidalgo. We bought a chicken, some onions and potatoes that had been slowly cooking in an oil drum.  The food was far more bland than I expected but we ate every bit of it and fed the bones to los gatos at the Pagodo.

The room at the Pagoda was 4 beds, loveseat, and a large bathroom on the far end of the Pagado’s main structure.  This is Room 4, as designated by pool ball keychain.  Tom set up at the Pasada and met us for some afternoon climbing.

We headed over to the wonder wall and played on 3 or 4 single pitch climbs.  We headed over to the Pasada for dinner and beer.  We found Tom’s partner, Erika.

Sunday December 27

On Sunday Don, Russ and I ran up the multipitch Dope Ninja, I lead the horrendous traverse pitch and the final pitch up the summit pinnacle.  Unfortunately we started after noon and traveled slowly in a party of 3.

Monday December 28

Day 3, the weather started looking sour.  Despite a late start we were able to get on some rock and headed over to the Virgin wall for some cragging with our new friends from Minnesota, California and Canada.  With little chance of climbing the next day we drank a bottle of tequila and partied late. Don took the initiative and found us all a ride to the Spa.

Tuesday December 29

We piled a bunch of climbers into a van and headed to the Spa.  The spa was located in the middle of nowhere and involved a scenic drive across Mexico’s trash covered desert.

Wednesday December 30

Russ and I got to work, cranking out 2 Pump Chump (I lead the first pitch, Russ killed it on the second). We then followed the crowd up Poncho Villa Rides again, swinging leads.  On decent we got our rope caught in the same place everyone else does.  Fortunately Russ was able to climb safely up to the snag and free us.

Thursday December 31

Brian made it down to Mexico with his friends Thomas and Luke.  Brian and I rocked up the 7 pitch Sentore.  We finished up early and I had a shower and took some photos of the canyon.  After dinner I retreated to the room for a 20 hour shit and puke fest. Happy new year.

Friday January 1

Recovery day

Saturday January 2

Last day of climbing, we headed over to the Mini Super Wall and cranked out 8 or so single pitches, mostly in the 5.10 range.  I also onsighted La Presa.

Sunday January 3

Don, Russ and I woke up super early and headed to the airport.  We made it back to Philly alright around midnight.

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