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California Trip-Happy Boulders

February 25, 2010

Valentine’s Day

We headed into Bishop and fought the crowds at Schats Bakery. The place was pretty impressive and the turkey sandwich I ate for breakfast still is on my mind. It’s their soft original Shepard’s Bread, which is kinda like a Wonder Bread if I had to describe it and not do it justice.

Wilson’s East Side Sports rented us 2 crashpads and the clerk educated us at length about boulders around the town, the subtle differences and what we could expect.  We decided the Happy Boulders would be a good place to start our 3 days of bouldering.  The parking area for the Happies was pretty crowded early in the morning. Brian immediately ran into someone he knew from back east who showed us the way up the trail and to some good warm up boulders. The area, approach trail and problems are all pretty easy to find. The guidebook is excellent.  We started on Corner Boulder, a high V0, completed Azzed Jiz V3, moving on to Solarium V3, Cue Ball, 60 Ft woman, Saraengetti and the V0s on the formations left side.  There were lots of people in the canyon of varying skill levels.  It was a good scene, one that I haven’t seen the likes of since Hound Ears in 2002.

We headed down to the Pizza Factory at the end of the day, sore and with a few new holes in our fingers.  Pizza Factory serves pathetic west coast pizza and their arcade doesn’t have a pinball machine. Weak.  We finished the night shopping at Von’s and K-Mart.  Brian and I played some checkers and backgammon before passing out.


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