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Sad Boulders 2-16-10

February 27, 2010

We woke up early and headed back to the Volcanic Plateau, this time to the Sad Boulders. Located about a mile from the Happies, the area is very similar. Apparently everyone in the know parks at the top of this canyon, but Brian and I parked on the chalk road.  We got on, Molly, Blue, Bad Parrot, Still life, the space suit, the Fang and a few other great problems. The area is just like the Happies but in a narrower canyon.  We left once we were completely spent and headed back down to Palm Springs to pick up Russ.  We stopped to return the pads and  buy shorts. It’d been too hot to climb another day in pants.  Fortunately Wilson’s had a few things on sale.

Once on the road Russ called to let us know he’d be getting in after midnight. We decided to get a hotel close to the airport and wait for him there. Brian and I ate at the weirdest* IHOP I’ve ever been in. Apparently it’s close to a gay gym and is the post workout date spot for Palm Springs. We watched some south pa rk, showered, reviewed guidebooks and went to bed.  Russ got in around 1:00 and we went back to sleep.

* I understand there must be weirder IHOPs, but several tables of affectionate, sometimes crying, body builders in shorts and muscle shirts downing all you can eat pancakes stands out.  Also, I’ll leave this down here, the Southpark we watched was the N_gger Guy episode. Which provided us with enough ongoing jokes for the rest of the week.


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