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Gunks Memorial Day weekend

June 2, 2010

I headed up with Russ on Friday afternoon.  Laura, Rico and Jonas were kind enough to leave us the house while they were in Rochester.  Russ and I got in and headed over to C’s for dinner and a beer.  The place is interesting, but not the greatest.

Saturday we headed to the Trapps and I was surprised to see it so empty.  I lead Double Crack and ran into Jordan and Paul. I sent Russ up Boldville and we Top Roped the Winter. I lead up Wasp and Russ finished the day by linking both pitches of Frogs head together.  From there we went to the Taco Shack and to let Blue out.

Sunday was an adventure. The plan was to meet up with Hep at Lost City, but after warming up and doing some TR Russ and I headed off in the wrong direction. We came across the Pillar at the end of the crag and went up that. After a while of baking in the sun I decided I was done for the day.  We headed out and met up with Jens and Sarah at Tweefarms. From there, back to the bourbon and Blue.

Monday was nice. We parked up top and climbed off the carriage trail.  I ticked Nose Dive and we TR’d Retribution. I should lead that next time. I sent Russ up Horseman then I went up Raubenheimer Special to the top of the cliff.  We finished on Classic.


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