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New River Gorge-June 26-Meadow

June 29, 2010

Impressed by the routes we’d scoped out the previous day, Russ and I returned to the meadow. We warmed up at the 2nd buttress.  We made quick work of Bullocks (5.9) and Pistol Whip (5.11c).  I took a shot at top roping Schneezal (5.12a). Sheezal is a hard as shit 5.12a! Maybe with the right beta it’d be doable. The top of the climb is spectacular and intricate. A true 4 star climb.  Unfortunately I peeled at the crux and had to battle my way back on to the wall, ripping down 12 feet of a dead tree.

We went over to the skull in the hole and I managed to get up Strip Tease (5.12a) not a bad route, and much easier than other 12s.  I’ll have to head back on a cooler day for a redpoint.  The roof is huge on this one, maybe 5 feet of horizontal.

Russ put up Meathead (5.11c) and I cleaned it on second.  A good route with a crazy finish.

We had dinner at Sedona Grill and camped out at Rogers running in to Alex and Danica.


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