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Rumney July 3rd

July 9, 2010

Armed with the new Rumney Guidebook by Ward Smith, I decided to return to Rumney July 4th weekend. This trip had been in the works for a while and at least a dozen climbers from the Philadelphia/Go Vertical clique decided to go up that weekend. While most of the crew left Thursday, I drove up a day later with Russ and dropped Blue off at Laura’s. We got up to the Yoga Room at D Acres by 12:30, I blew up my bed and crashed out.

On Saturday we woke up early, hit the Plain Jane Diner with Roller, Carl, Jamie. We hiked in to New Wave/Orange Crush. Russ and I warmed up on what I think was Bullwinkle Goes Ballistic (or Son of Sammy). Carl and Jamie did the first pitch of Tropicana. I headed up the much lauded CRUSHER. I blew the first challenging move low on the route and then took my time on the way to the top. It’s a pretty good climb despite the unfortunate start. From here we headed down to the Monsters From The ID wall. I got on Cosmic Monsters and fought my way through each move to the top. A short 4 bolt clip up with a tricky deadpoint/throw crux mid way and tricky climbing to the chains. I cut right at the top and found a back step on the near by wall to clip the anchors. Alex Lyne joined us and cleaned the route.
Kate, Russ, Roller and I went down to the bolder field, said hello to Carlos and then on to Starship Enterprise Crag. We ticked off Space and the awkward Yer Anus. Russ Lead Romulan Route and I top roped it with some hanging. We saw a porcupine climbing a tree, cute bugger.

Julia, Stephen, Danica, met up with us and we headed down. Dave and I bouldered a nice V0 crack and attempted some V6.

The Breakfast Club headed to the Lucky Dog for nachos and dinner. We returned to D Acres and I passed out pretty early.


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