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Rumney July 4th

July 15, 2010

We started out the day with a Blitz of Meadows left end. We tried Payment Plan (5.12b) after warming up on No Money Down, , Thou Shall Not Covet and Mr. Popular, False Modest.  From there we headed down to the parking lot and grabbed the trad rack. I tried to lead the Black Jack boulder (5.10d). I was already feeling a bit warn down and couldn’t finish without a few hangs. TRing turned into a clusterfuck as the anchor got pulled into the crack. It was later freed and I TR’d the line cleanly. Russ Dave and I hiked up to The New Wave Wall and tried the 5.12a Weevil Knevil. Despite the description in the guide book the sustained and difficult climbing before the anchors are the meat of the route.  We had dinner at the Common Man, well worth skipping the Lucky Dog for a change.

I was pretty beat and had pulled my hamstring so we headed out back to Philly on July 5th.


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  1. Carlos permalink

    Common man was awesome… even had good vegan food!

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