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Reel Rock Weekend

October 15, 2010

Wow, what a busy weekend.  I tried wrangling a bunch of Philly climbers up for the film fest and got a few takers.  After juggling some logistics we made it to Friday.  I picked up Mary and Russ and we drove up to my sister’s to drop of Blue. We picked up beer and an Earthquake and headed over to Don’s. We hung out for a bit before crashing out on the couches/floor.

Don, Russ, Mary and I had breakfast in Beacon before heading to the cliff. We met up with Brian and Lance.  We quickly got ropes up all over the Mac Wall.  I lead the first pitch of MF.  I TR’d the direct variation, Mother’s Day Party, Birdy Party, Co-ex, Try again, and attempted Fly Again.  I think there was also a rope up on Graveyard shift. Pretty much it was a Top Rope party. Mark, Naomi, Dan DL and Laura joined in, as did some other random folks.  Brian and Mark went to lead something else, but I forget what.

We were able to leave the crag in time to set up tents at Monty’s and have some pizza and beer.  We found our way to the lecture hall, watched some climbing videos, picked up more beer and went back to Monty’s.  It was pretty damn cold out.  Coyotes had a party.

Sunday was spent on the GT ledge. Russ, Brian, Mary and I had a leisurely breakfast at the bakery in Gardner. I lead up to the start of Face to Face/3 vultures. Still kinda confusing to find the path of least resistance on that face.  From there I top roped all day. No Glow, Face to Face, and a few runs on Amber Waves of Pain (.75 camalot works before the roofs but the Green Link Cam can get into a better position. Before the first crux you can plug a .75 in the horizontal and a .3 in the vertical crack).  We drank some wine and set up the hammock.

Mary and I dropped Russ off down town and picked up dinner at the taco shack. We crashed at Laura’s.  We woke up late on Monday and headed to the bakery for breakfast.  We planned to meet up with Don, but never did. I lead Directissima but started on the right side of the buttress so I could go to the GT ledge in one amazing pitch.   We topped out on the High E finish.  Everyone was pretty beat, Don had already left and Mary and I were done.  We packed it up and came on home a day late.


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  1. Mark Heyman permalink

    Great pics! Glad you had a good weekend, and wish I hadn’t missed the last two.

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