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The drive down to the RED.

November 29, 2010

The plan was simple, skip out on family obligations and climb for a week at the RED.  This would be my third trip down and despite taking months off from the gym I was hoping to put a few unfinished climbs to bed.  The trip started early for me, leaving on Thursday the 18th to drop Blue off at her cousins’.   Friday afternoon I picked Don up and we drove to Morgantown.

Saturday the 20th:  Don and I awoke in the Best Western in Morgantown, WV and headed out to the car.  It was a bitter cold morning so we lingered at the IHOP and enjoyed the bottomless coffee.  We made our way back to Cooper’s Rock and asked around “where are the boulders.”  We got a bit of beta, and were pointed in the right direction. I got in contact with Seth’s friends: Max, Arthur, and Jackie.  They’d be arriving a few hours after us. Don and I wondered around and dropped the old Metolius pad on a few random problems.  When the crew arrived they directed us to some better problems.  Apparently Don and I warmed up on a V4 sit start.  There are definitely some quality problems at Cooper’s.  By 1PM don and I had our fill of and got back to the task at hand.  We had to pick up some food and drive the last leg to our cabin.

We had lunch at a wrap/burrito place called the Black Bear in Morgantown. Definitely worth returning to on future trips.  They had an excellent beer selection and a great selection of wraps.  We stopped into an Aldi, shoved a quarter into the “shopping trolly” and within 3 minutes I turned us around and headed back out the door.  We found everything we needed and more at the Super Walmart.

6 hours later I made the mistake of navigating Don and I down the scenic yet nauseating 715.  Definitely not the best way to get to the Red River Cabins.  We arrived to an empty cabin, everyone else was out shopping.  Carl, Jaimie, Russ, Tommy, Kathi, and Brian returned soon enough and we settled in for the night.


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