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Muir Valley (11-21-10)

December 1, 2010

On Sunday we headed to Muir Valley as a group and warmed up on at the Boneyard.  I hung draws and froze my hands on Captain Blondie Sinks the Ship (5.11a) I’ll still have to go back and send that one clean.  I ran up Lucy Goocy (5.10b) as half the team already was off to Midnight Surf.  Don, Kathi and I headed over to the sun bathed Arsenal.  Don put the draws up on Sacriledge (5.10d) and I got the redpoint.  Last time I took a huge whipper while clipping the draws, so it was good to wrap that route up.  The three of us continued on to the Solarium.  I ran up Air-Ride Equipped (5.11a) which already had the draws up. Don and Kathi went up as well.  Tommy LD joined us and we fled the crowded crag.  We decided to try a new area and some easier climbs.  At the Bruise Brother’s wall Tommy and I did (5.11a) the 3 bolt extension to the 3 bolt CH4 (5.7); two climbs in one…almost.  We also went up the cutely named Hey There, Fancy Pants (5.10c).  We took off and met the crew back at the cabin.  Brian was kind enough to make us dinner.   It was a good warmup day.

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