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December 1, 2010

Monday was looking like one of the few days with perfect weather.  I had a few climbs I really wanted to get back on during this trip and the Hippocrite (5.12a) was at the top of that list.  We all walked in to the Zoo and Tommy gave me a belay on the Hippocrite so that I could hang the draws, recall the moves and warm up a bit.  I climbed up to the crux, clipped the draw and feeling pretty good decided to go for it.  I stuck the long throw and kept going to the chains.  The day barely started and I’d already finished my project.   Tommy and I walked around to the crew at Armadillo/Jailbird.  Russ left us to climb with Brian at the motherload.  I decided to give Scar Tissue (5.12a) a go and hung the draws taking a couple rests on the way up.  After a long break to take videos and watch other people climb Scar Tissue I tied back in and Repointed the route.  Two five tweleves in a day is a lot of work for me and I was ready slow down.    Tommy, Kathi, Don and I had a beer at the car and crossed the road to Roadside.  I went up Crazy Fingers (5.10c) and was feeling pretty beat despite having climbed so little.  Don and Kathi tag teamed Pulling Pockets (5.10d).  We were pretty much done for the day after that.

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