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Gunks Day Trip April 6

April 16, 2013

This was a one day adventure up to the Gunks with Andrew. It was a bit cool in the morning but there were lots of people in the parking lot at 9 when we rolled in. We headed up and warmed up on Le Teton. Andrew took the first pitch to the Bird’s Nest and handed the lead over to me so I can redpoint the crux pitch. From there we went down to Sente, Andrew led that and I cleaned it on TR…getting his new rope knotted on itself as I tried pulling it through. Still not sure how I fucked that up so bad. Fortunately some climbers on thin slabs helped us out and dropped the rope. From there we past by Stephen and Ashley (leading Ant’s line!) and Andrew got right on Yellow Wall. I gave him the gear beta from when I climbed it with Brian years ago. I was carrying the second rope up so we could rap from the top of Airy Aria. I had trouble at the first crux and ended up needing to jug the rope. Thank god for the Tibloc, I couldn’t imagine having to move two prussics up that skinny rope. It was hard enough undoing the one prussic to slide it up. Once back on the wall the rest went clean if not without some shaken nerves. The temperatures started dropping again once we got down and I think we were both ready to give up on the day and do the 3 hour drive back.


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