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Day Trip Sunday June 2nd

June 4, 2013

Mike and I headed up to the gunks for a day of free climbing. We left Philly at 7 and were there around 10. We parked under the stairmaster and the lot was filling up. I lead Son of Easy O to the 3 piton chain anchor. There is a some exciting climbing on that route!  The next route was Disco Death March. I gave mike the first go on the route. He plugged the 2 #6s and tried inverting into the crack a few times before handing the lead over.  I reset one 6 and took the lead with a layback/duck walk. Using knee bars I was able to adjust/replace one of the #6s. At the end of the traverse I made it to the small ledge. I put in both #5s and tried several techniques to get up the corner. I barely made it off the ledge. After enough struggling I gave up and lowed. Mike took the sharp end and climbed smoothly out to the lip. He worked the cams, tried a few times and he got the rest of the climb. Upon lowering we got a glimpse  of the trouble ahead. The cams were set deep and were being walked in by the rope.  I figured I’d just clean it while following but this proved impossible, I was on a recovery mission for our #6s.  Using some aid, french freeing, hanging and sketchy shit I got all the cams out…almost safely too.  Anyway, we got down safely and with all our gear, so there’s that.  Next up, Mike lead P38 as thunder rolled in. By the time he got to the top it was raining. He cleaned the route on the way down. I TR’d the route as fast as I could between storm clouds. Mike went up again and the sky really opened up.  We were wet, the rock was wet and the day was over.

We went down and checked out the new Rock and Snow Consignment Shop. We ran into Bryce and Chris Miller, chatted shopped and then got back to Philly at a reasonable hour.



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