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Gunks July 21

July 22, 2013

I headed up Saturday Afternoon with Andrew. We got in earlier than we planned. I replaced my #8 offset nut and we had dinner at the Guilded Otter. We got a round of pool over at Snuggs. We camped in the parking lot but it was pretty hot and noisy.  Around 2:30 AM we got a good storm that had Andrew running back into the car for a few hours.  We got up on the early side and were at the Deli by 7:00.  We met up with Seminak and Josh for some coffee.  Andrew and I headed in to the recently re-opened Mac wall and warmed up on Something Interesting. I decided to give Co-existance a go but got pumped out and had to rest at the pins before completing the route. I gave it another TR burn and realized I just didn’t have it in me that morning. Andrew lead Try Again and I tried TRing but fell several times, feeling pretty burned and defeated.  Time to dial it back for the day. I met up with Brian, Dave and Erin at the Seasons. Andrew lead Bold-ville and I cleaned it. I lead Double Crack to the top, not stopping at the “slung block” this time. The block had only a sling wrapped around it, no rap ring.  We waited at the top for the next party to come up so we could wrap together (2 ropes required to get down). We packed up and headed home after some Mexi-Cali.


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