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20 Climbs: September 7

September 17, 2013

Andrew and I decided to get on as many climbs as possible in one day at the Gunks. No easy feat on a busy Saturday. We decided that completing the climb to it’s “traditional” finish did not matter. If we could link pitches we would but otherwise the first pitch would be enough to qualify as having “done it.”  We decided to lead in blocks of 5.  Here’s the break down:

-Start at 6AM in from the parking lot.

Andrew took the first Block:



Horseman, to the top

Apoplexy to the chains

Son of Easy O to the GT ledge (pitch 1&2)

My first block of 5

Pas De Deux– Pitch 1, kind of wanders around a bit.

Maria (to GT ledge) Simu-rapped off

City Lights– Pitch 1

Drunkards Delight (to GT ledge) again rapped off Maria anchors.

Bloody Mary (to tree rap station) This was less obvious than I was expecting.

Andrew’s Second Block


Wild Horses– Spicy climbing. This was the climb I headed up before my 2005 fall. The big loose block is still up there!




My Final Block and home stretch

Absurdland: The beautiful day was was ending and we were getting light drizzles. The opening moves were not secure with ground fall potential. There is another little crux a bit higher that takes two small cams in a horizontal.

Wise Crack– this climb was filthy and covered with webs, even late in the day.

Middle Earth

Bunny– I think this is the first time I lead Bunny without moving left around the roof, pretty fun move.

Dirty Gerdie- A bad pick, considering my legs were so tired at this point. We finished up in the dark.

The crux of the day was still a head…a 3 hour drive back to Philadelphia.


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