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New Hampshire

October 26, 2013

Emily and I had a big weekend over October 18-20th visit her parent’s new home on Thursday, climb Mt Washington Friday, and climb at Cathedral Saturday.

We climbed Mt. Washington on short notice when it rained over night. I was hoping to climb on Friday and blow my legs out saturday but hat’s not how things worked out.  The weather was looking pretty bad as we drove to the mountain. There was  a large cloud over head and a bad forecast. Emily got a new hat and we got moving around 9AM up Tuckerman Ravine. We topped out at noon, much faster than we expected. While most of the climb was pleasant the top of the mountain was brutal with winds over 60mph and tempertures in the very low 30s. There were lots of clouds/moisture to compete with as well. I couldn’t keep my glasses dry and did with out. We made it to the top and had lunch in the visitor center.  The hike out went well too, we headed down the Lion’s Head trail. The winds picked up a lot going over the lion’s head. We ended up pretty windburned by the time we got back. We called it a day early.

On Saturday I climbed Kiddy Corner, the Slot, They Died Laughing with Josh, Ryan, Mary and Sonia.  Emily and I ate dinner at the cabin.  Again it rained over night and we didn’t get to climb on Sunday before heading home.


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