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Gunks June 28,29

July 3, 2014

I drove up with Lisa Saturday morning form Philadelphia. We went to meet Brian, Erin and Dave far down the trail.  Brian was finishing up 10,000 restless virgins when we got there. I put a rope up on Dick’s Prick. An interesting start to the route, but otherwise just the easiest way to get up there.  We took turns TRing the Virgins, Prick and the 10 on the Prick and the 12D under the virgins.   I think the 10 we TRd was actually really good, it’s a shame it’s in a bad location.  We hiked back toward the stair master and took turns on Raunchy and V-3.  From there it was dinner at the GO!

Lisa and I got an early start on Sunday and she lead Jackie. I ran up Classic and Raubenheimer-special. Raubenheimer went well, the difficulty is protecting the crux. I put a cam out left, below the crack. Once standing at the next finger crack, the gear placements are blind. I think a grey alien size (bigger than yellow) would be useful but I already used that size. After passing that it’s cruiser to the rap tree.  We went and found Don, Meghan and Roz and continued down to the Madam G area. I lead the first pitch of Bag’s End and Snooky’s Retrun. Lisa lead the first pitch of Minty.  It was a really fun day reconnecting with everyone.



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