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Coopers April 18-19

April 21, 2015

Coopers Rock

April 18, 19.

I drove down with Russ on Friday afternoon to Morgantown. We set up camp at Chestnut Ridge Campsites.  We met Bryce at Pies and Pints and headed back to his house for a tour of the NEON climbing factory.

On Saturday morning we picked up coffee and headed to Upper Rock City. We warmed up on Man Eating Bitch and Knife Fink.  From there we scoped a few lines and got on Tomb Raider Roof. The bottom sit start was pretty damn wet but the Stand Start was worth while. I was able to tick this problem after just a few tries.  The top out is probably the hardest move with an awkward mantel.  We walked down to Roundhouse and worked that for a while. I was able to get both hands on the right facing flake but unable to really get control enough to move my feet.  I’d like to work Roundhouse a bit more and see some other beta.  We climbed Pure Power, but found it to be more of a V1 than V4. Not sure what that’s about.

We packed up and left the area as boulderers were flooding in. We had lunch at a picnic table and watched ambulances and rescue vehicles come up.  After lunch we headed to Roadside Rocks. I scoped out Helicopter but didn’t give it too much work as it was kinda gross down there and Russ didn’t want to work it either.

We moved on down the trail to Green Block.  We climbed the Green Block Arete and Pee Green Splitter.  I tried working Green Block Test Piece but couldn’t put it together.

The next stop was Tendon Repair kit. I tried the Mountaineer’s Route but found it even harder than Green Block Test Piece.   We have the traverse a half hearted attempt as well before moving on.

We finished the day on Woody’s Arete and I was able to tick the sit start. The down climb was also challenge in its own right.

On Sunday we climbed over at Tilted Tree.  Russ and I did the Black Scar, The Practitioner (aka the Proctologist), Big Pocket Problem (aka Belly Button), One Bager, Golf Course, Tilted Tree Slab and I climbed the V2 variation of the Always Dry Roof.  I worked on Twist Dah Hick but couldn’t get control of the pocket up at the top. I think I could go back and work this one.  A solo boulderer, Clinton, joined us and we went to Electric Avenue. I took a fall off the top lip of Electric Avenue but was able to send it on my second go. I should have scoped the top before heading up!  I missed the pad on my fall but was alright, maybe bruised the bottom of my foot a bit.  Russ and Clinton got on the neighboring Neon Lights and Two Minutes of Hate.  We headed to Fiddle Block and I tried out Crash and Burn before realizing I was about spent for the trip. I had a good go but was losing my energy to get the heel hook after two tries.  I did Wave Rider from the stand start and checked out Duster Huffer but was too beat to give it a good go.

We went over to Fiddle Block. I climbed a variation on Tombstone Arete by staying on the right side of the face, laying back the corner and fighting a hard barn door.  We also climbed Syncro-Energizer.

It was around 3 PM when I put my shoes away, very exhausted. It started to drizzle so we hit the road.


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