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Red River Gorge 2015

June 4, 2015

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Red River Gorge 2015

Ah, another trip to the Red. Russ and I hatched plans during the winter to invite everyone from previous trips to join us in the Outback Cabin and climb for a week. We picked the last week of May as a matter of convenience, not for the memorial day weekend and not for the early summer heat.

Russ, Pedram and I left Philadelphia on Saturday May 23rd and made good time down to KY. We stopped at Krogers and Russ demonstrated his Rain Man level price guessing nailing down both the total receipt and card savings within $2.00.

We got to the cabin and there was already a party going on. Bryce, Nikki, Chowder (the coonhound), Roller, Ganim and Penina were enjoying the porch. We made plans for Sunday and headed to bed early….well once we had enough beer.

Sunday May 24:
We decided to head to the recently established Miller Fork. We settled on the Secret Garden wall. I set up Bees in the Trap but needed another 3 goes before getting it clean. This was a pretty soft 11d. I also climbed So What and Little Wing. The could moved over to Linear Regression. Being impatient I decided to set up Red Devil with Pedram belaying. After negotiating with the first crux (high foot and committing stand to a small crimp) I failed to stick the move and took a long fall into the jagged wall under the first bolt. I looked down to find a large hole in my shin, I quickly pulled the skin back in place and knew I needed stitches. The rest of the day was spent at the ER where I received 9 stitches, 2 on the inside and 7 on the outside. Thanks to Russ and Pedram for driving me out there. We picked up beer in Lexington and got back to the cabin around 10PM.

Bees in the trap



Monday morning I found my leg aching a good bit and difficult to walk on. I stayed at the cabin while the crew rolled out to PMRP & Volunteer wall. I read some of The Baron of The Trees, straightened up the cabin and cleaned my wound. I think most of the pain was due to the bandaging pulling on the stitches, scab, hair and skin. Erika and Gina arrived as did Brian, Amy, Reggie and Talia. Bryce and Nikki left directly from the crag.

Tuesday May 26: Chica Bonita, Drive By.
I put up Raindancer, a short 10a. lead Brown Eyed Girl, Baby Blue Eyes and then unsighted Hot Drama Teacher which was really good with a unique move over the roof involving a hand jam. We cleaned up and trekked over to Drive-By. I put up Yadda Yadda Yadda and others got on Check Your Grip, Whip-Stocking, Breakfast Burrito, A Wave New World (A new route to the left of Make a Wish).

Yadda Yadda Yadda.



Wednesday May 27: Muir Valley: Bone Yard, Solarium and Arsenal
We started the day off over at Bone Yard. I lead One-Armed Bandit, Captain Blonde Sinks the Ship, Cinderella (with it’s dripping wet start). Russ hung at the top of the wall to take some photos. Pedram, Russ, Ganim headed over to play on Inequity and I went over to Solarium with Penina. I lead both Air Ride Equipped and Manifest Destiny clean. We went over to the Arsenal and Penina put up draws on Sacriledge. Pedram put up draws on Bathtub Mary. I hung above Sacrilidge after leading it and took pictures from above. We made it back to the car moments before the rain started.

Bathtub Mary





Thursday May 28: Shire & Gallery
I headed up Miranda Rayne with my camera and took some pictures of everyone warming up on Pee-wee and Audie over at the Shire. From there Ganim got the Redpoint on Amarillo Sunset and I belayed Penina on Random Precision. I then had Russ belay me on Break the Scene which was a lot of fun, unfortunately a bit too sweaty for me to get clean. Definitely a climb to head back to, steep with good holds and tricky stemming crux. Russ put up Different Strokes but neither of us got it clean.

The Shire





Friday May 29: Left Flank
I put up Face Up to That Crack and Mr. Bungle. I failed to overcome the wet start on Fast Food Christians and got a nice scratch on my chin. I hung draws on Wild, Yet Tasty and nearly got another redpoint but forgot the beta. The weather turned really bad and I had a lackluster 2nd burn. I gave Infectious an attempt but the conditions really weren’t helping. I’d be willing to get back on that climb. Reggie headed to the hospital with flu symptoms and likely a Lyme diagnosis.

Wild, Yet Tasty!




Saturday Chocolate Factory
I hung draws on Loompa, onsighted Glass Elevator, and Oompa but needed 3 tries before redpointing Loompa. A few people went to work Malice but I wanted to avoid a ganging siege on another hard climb so I decided to put up Wobbler…which felt really hard for the listed grade, making a mockery of other 11d routes. I must have been getting tired. Amy put up OneSide Makes You Taller above the copperhead pit and hornets. Saturday night was another cookout and beer drinking.


Sunday Drive Home


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