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Gunks Sep 12, 2015

September 14, 2015

I took a day trip up from Philly with Russ, and Jono. We stayed at the AAC campground friday night and met Penina at the Deli on Saturday morning. We had an early start on the crowds so we headed over to to Arrow and Limelight. Jono lead Arrow in one pitch with Russ following. I broke limelight into 2 and had Penina follow me.  Jono lead up Annie Oh! and Russ followed. I did the 2nd pitch of Three Doves and Penina followed.  Russ lead the second pitch of Limelight before we all headed to the ground. There were parties getting on everything by that point in the morning.  We headed over to Feast of Fools. I put up FoF’s first pitch and Jono did Proctoscope.  After everyone gave FoF a go I lead Proctorscope and Jono took on Nurse’s Aid.  Procotorscope was harder than I remember, very thin climbing over small gear.  As we were wrapping up it began to drizzle so I suggested getting a rope on Ant’s Line, which stays dry in light rain.  Jono put up Ant’s line and I put up Groovy.  Unfortunately the area got crowded before I could grab a ride on Ent’s Line. The effort was moot as the weather got worse. Penina tried cleaning Groovy but stopped at the roof. Russ pulled the rope and lead the climb to the anchors in the rain and thunder, cleaning the whole thing on the way down like a gentleman.   We were all pretty wet at this point so we hustled our gear into our bags and headed to the Otter for beer, coffee and stale (like, ew) chips and guacamole.  Russ, Jono and I said good by to Penina and drove home in the rain, stopping at Wegmans on the way.  I was home in philly by 9.


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