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Gunks October 17, 18

October 21, 2015

Russ and I drove up on Friday night, a bit of a late start but it worked out fine. We were able to meet Emma at the Brahaus, and a good thing too, the temperatures were dropping. We caught up a bit over some bourbon. The next morning Russ and I rolled out early and met Penina at the Deli. We caught Annie, Rory, Katrina and Shawn on our way out and discussed plans. They warmed up at the Mac wall and Russ, Penina and I headed down to the seasons.  Unfortunately, Russ left part of his kit at home so we settled in on single pitch climbs so we can share a harness.  I lead Spring, Boldville and top roped Winter and Summer.  Annie, Rory, Katrina and Shawn caught up with us and got on the climbs as well.  I took revenge on Simple Suff (or as I call it,wrongly, Simple Stuff). I also lead Frustration Syndrome.  The temps were dropping and around 4PM we packed it in.  Katrina, Shawn, Penina, Russ and I had some burritos on the cold hard streets of New Paltz, milled around Rock and Snow (Russ picked up an awesome new ride), and played pool…mostly Russ played and Penina and I moved the balls around the table.  Russ and I crashed out at Emma’s and picked a later departure time for the next morning.

On Sunday there was frost on the car, so we warmed up at the Bakery.  The 3 of us headed in for a short day. Penina tackled Thin Slabs. Russ did the first pitch of Middle Earth in a light flurry. We tried finding something else to set up on and ended up walking all the way down to the Mac Wall. I got on MF and ran up the first pitch.  I had some movement problems so took a few trips to the Uber pooper before putting up the first pitch of Birdy Party.  We packed up around 3:30 again. Russ and Penina got some Pizza and we hit the road.

Next weekend: The NEW.


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