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Gunks June 23-24

June 29, 2016

I drove up Saturday morning and met Virginie around noon at the Stair-master. The sun was still blazing and temps were in the low 90s.  We warmed up on Birdy Party, each taking a lap. I then put up Co-ex and we took a lap on Try Again. Then took on Something Interesting, V lead the first pitch and i went to the 3rd pitch chains. The first time I actually did this pitch.  Virginie then led Drunkards Delight. I finished the day on Son of Easy O.  We picked up some wine and burritos downtown then made our way to Jannette’s for the night. On Sunday I climbed Thin Slabs and bothered to do the last pitch, for the first time I was up there I think.  Virginie then lead Sente and then Snooky’s. I lead Friends and Lovers. We then tried out Hawk. The first time I did that one. It was a wild long easy climb, a real adventure. We washed off at Split rock and I made my way back to Philly.


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