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New in the heat

July 25, 2016

I drove down to meet Sam & Craig on Wednesday with a car full of food and car camping supplies. We grilled Wednesday night at the AAC camp ground. The guys have been climbing with a road tripper, Ben.

On Thursday we headed into Fern. I warmed up on Chameleon, followed Ben on Two Bag Face (awesome route and great top out), hug the draws on Wild Seed for a redpoint, lead Fragile Ego System. From there Ben and I headed around to do some more trad lines. Ben cruised up Triple Treat, I lead Bisect, we TR’d Anal Clenching Adventures, and then I lead Spring Board.  From there we packed up and went to the Bridge Buttress. I tore my hands up further on Jaws before calling quits for the day. It was brutally hot and i don’t know how we got so much climbing in. We had dinner at Pies and Pints

On Friday, Ben took off and the temperatures were looking higher. Craig, Sam and I went to Summersville to climb and swim. We had a pretty late start and found the lake empty of climbers when we arrived. The flood damage was apparent, a lot of brown leaves, dead rhododendron, branches all around, and silt on every surface. I lead Personal Pronoun (Menace Alert), Jesus Is My License Plate (Going Ballistic). I don’t know when or why these climbs are given different names. I took another redpoint on Satisfaction Guaranteed. We decided to cool down on Jeff’s Bunny Hop.  From there we took a swim. I decided to thrash myself on Apollo Reed. The bottom was definitely silty, but climbable.  The ground around there is covered in a solid layer of grime. I did pull myself through the first crux and went up to the high crux on the route, which was actually seeping. We stopped in Water Stone and had another cookout after that.

Saturday I was on my own. I took a hike around endless and scoped routes and the approaches. I spent a good part of the day in the hammock and catching up on a bit of work reading. Sunday I returned to philly, catching a good bit of traffic.


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